Go.Go.Go…Corey Gates Opened The Doors to Tube Cash Code

Folks, Tom here with a big update about Corey Gates TCC.  In this article I’m going to answer some of the most common questions I get from my readers. If you haven’t seen the Corey’s video presentation just follow the link below.

Well to begin with I’m going to answer the biggest common questions I’m getting and that is if Tube Cash Code from Corey Gates is a scam?

I will answer this question by analysing how Corey Gates process payments. Tube Cash Code is using the Clicksure platform to handle  payments, now if you have been living under a rock you probably don’t know what Clicksure is so let me tell you really quickly.

Clicksure is the largest online marketplace that allows product creators to sell digital products by using their rock solid merchant account. Think of them as Amazon but only for digital products. To make a long story short basically one main rule that this company has is, every product on their market place should offer 60 days no question asked money back guarantee and if a product creator doesn’t give a refund when asked they risk of getting their account frozen.

Clicksure also has their own support where you can contact them directly and get a refund. Their email is refunds@clicksure.com just provide them with your name and email you used when you bought a product.

Now to answer you question if Tube Cash Code is a Scam…Well the answer is a big NO. If Corey Gates was a scammer he will use his own merchant account and most gurus that do that you can’t get a refund from them. It’s that simple There is no way to use Clicksure to scam people because they will shut you down within seconds.

So hopefully you understand what my point is here.

Another question i get is if I have bought this software and the answer is YES.

I have been using Tube Cash Code for the past 4 hours now and I have already made over $780 not only i made my investment back but also turned profit from what i can see the sky is really the limit with this amazing tool.

The top 20 beta testers are already pulling in over 20k a day with this.

If you haven’t secured  your copy just yet You need to do it now, you have nothing to lose, if ti doesn’t work out for you just ask for your money back and you will be refunded within 48 hours but i highly doubt that will be the case.

I was taking to Corey on Skype early on today and he told me that he plans to raise the entrance fee from $49 to $999 the main reason he is doing this is to filter out time wasters. I know he told me that by raising the price only serious people will get in, I’ll even close the doors at some point during next week he said.

So again guys if you haven’t got your copy get it right now or you risk paying $999 or even miss out completely on this money printing business.  Like i said you risk nothing, give it  try and i know you will thank me …it’s working for my so there is no reason why it won’t for you.





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